Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is the effort to make your website’s content easily understood by search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This digital marketing tactic explains what type of content you have on your website to the search engines, which helps to increase quality traffic – more visitors will come to your website looking for the goods or services that you provide, increasing the possibility that each visitor will become a valued customer.

SEO begins with evaluating your website independently – we avoid the rule “one size fits all” and strongly believe that realistic evaluation of your website will present solutions tailored to your business type, size and goals.

Our experience shows that about 80% of internet users search for goods and services using Google search. 9 out of 10 of these visitors will only browse the first results page. SEO is probably the most effective marketing tactic for business that aim to have their goods and services easily accessible on the web.

SEO benefits your business by:

  • Leading you target audience straight to you. Most people use Google search and we are experts when it comes to optimising a website for Google (we’re also savvy in Yahoo and Bing best practices too!). By using the right keywords and linking, we lead the correct queries to your website – only those who are definitely interested in what you’re offering.
  • Increasing brand recognition: users that are looking for your type of goods and services will constantly see your website in their search results. Just like you think Amazon for goods or Google when you’re looking for something, users will think your company.
  • Increasing traffic: TOP positions in search results will increase your business name recognition and also enforce the association of what you do with your business name. Always nice to not have to explain what you do at cocktail parties or networking events, right?
  • Increase the legitimacy of your website: because this is organic search results we’re talking about and it’s harder (or nearly impossible, after the re-vamp of search algorithms) to forge, we know users trust them more. Most people will click on the organic search results even if there’s a paid ad at the top (although it is good to cover both fronts and have a paid ad and the top search results in organic search – it shows that your business is dedicated to being accessible and easily reached).
  • Keeping it stable: your website’s position will not change after reaching the daily budget most commonly set using paid search. Contrary to AdWords, search engine optimisation has no daily budget and positions are achieved through continual work that has lasting value.

​SEO is also a continual process, that consists of five repeatable steps:

  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Website’s internal SEO optimisation, ensuring there are no problems in the code, content, implementing additional solutions that improve user-experience and adapt to new requirements
  • External optimization, using recommendations and linking from authoritative (form the search engine’s point of view) websites
  • SEO results and competitive action monitoring helps to identify changes and new trends in user behaviuor
  • Reaction to changes in best practices, changes in the market, new trends and tendencies.

The process is fairly straight forward, but implementing it takes a lot of know-how that can only be acquired through extensive practice. So trust your website’s optimisation to us and rest assured that quality visitors will reach your website –  contact us and let’s talk.

Search engine optimization (SEO)