Paid search advertisement

Paid search advertisement

Pay per Click (PPC) is a type of online search advertisement. Paid search ads – when done right – bring in large amount of traffic into your website. Based on know-how of this system and the market, our analysts prepare best campaigns that lead the correct customers looking for correct services or products – it’s all about servicing the right clicks.

Even though both SEO and PPC are great methods to lead traffic to your website, SEO takes time to show results. This is where PPC shines – results are nearly immediate and can generate the much needed visitor acquisition when it’s needed the most.

If you are not familiar with the term PPC, don’t worry, you have been seeing it around the web all along. It usually appears as the first or last results in Google search and is market with yellow tag that says AD. It’s a search engine based advertisement, where you pay the search engine to promote your website based on clicks that lead visitors to your website. It’s a win win scenario, as you pay only for the click and not the constant display of the ad, while with each click, the search engine gets a small percentage of the keyword value.

Although the underlying idea is quite basic, preparing a truly successful PPC campaign takes a lot of know-how. We have been working with PPC campaigns for nearly 9 years now and know our way around the algorithms at this point. We know that the timing matters and that not all customers will be a conversion you want. We aim to prepare the best paid search ad by using demographics data and search fluctuations. Sometimes the location matters. Sometimes even the weather matters.

We keep our clients informed on the campaign development process and appreciate any insight they can provide on the market that we may not be privy to know (only you know your customers so well), so our campaigns eventually lead to a better understanding of the market changes to our clients. If you would  like to find out how our team can lead more traffic to your website, get in touch and let us know.

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