Newsletter design and newsletter campaign management

Newsletter design and newsletter campaign management

Get your ideas across and remind your customers why they enjoy your products or services with interactive and engaging newsletters. We can provide anything from newsletter design to impeccable copywriting to the entire newsletter campaign management, inclusive of analytics data and ROI measurement.

We believe that a good newsletter should never reach spam or bin folders – we aim for well designed, impeccably presented newsletters that keep your readers coming back for more.

How do we achieve that, you ask? We do a lot of market research to figure out what makes customers click and what keeps them engaged. Whether it’s an update on your newest products and services, or maybe useful information for your customers – the design and presentation is the key to how successful your campaign will be.

We closely collaborate with your marketing department preparing these solutions, so that they would always be targeting the right audience in the right way and would fully convey the idea and core values of your business. We achieve the perfect balance with clever HTML designs that work perfectly on any device, whether it’s laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

We also integrate analytics into the newsletters, so we’d be able to track and analyse the engagement, behaviour and bounce rate of each campaign – it’s just as important to us, as it is to you. For you, it is easier to validate the ROI and get useful information for future campaigns you might want to deploy, whilst for us – we know how which aspects were successful and where we may improve, how behaviour tendencies change and how action timings change with each different type of campaign. Don’t worry – we’re not experimenting on your campaigns, the market simply changes very fast, so we are keeping up with the times by employing tactics that have been successful before and improving them with each new campaign we’ve managed, so you are always getting your money’s worth.

Let us spread the word about your business with beautifully crafted HTML newsletters and create some buzz – get in touch now.

Newsletter design and newsletter campaign management