SEO courses

Professional SEO courses

Would like to put in an effort and make your website more search engine friendly? You can outsource this to a digital agency just like us or join our professional SEO courses and learn to do it yourself. We aim to provide you with as many tools as we can to be prepared to conquer the digital.

We organise individual SEO courses, dedicated to the understanding of how the search engines work – these courses are oriented towards young start-ups and big companies alike. Managers, analysts, social media specialists all have joined our ranks and took away some important and extremely relevant lessons. During individual consultations and courses, we show how to prepare integrated SEO strategy or a brief plan, conduct website audit, provide advise on specific issues relevant to our clients’ fields and reveal the secrets about what makes a website deliciously edible to the search engines.

During these courses you have the ability to gain insight from experts in the field and get a glimpse at the know-how that is acquired through many years. You will leave the courses with the A to Z of SEO, gain not only the theoretical understanding of how the algorithms operate, but also be able to practically apply this knowledge optimising your website. You will gain a competitive edge being able to maintain SEO independently and if nothing else, critically evaluate offers submitted by digital agencies.

So get in touch with us, discuss this with one of our SEO specialists and let’s set the date – we’re pretty flexible and do individual courses, as well as team training, we can set camp at your offices or even have webinars. Whichever method is best for you – we’ll make it work!

SEO courses