Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy

Your website, branding, prices, functionalities and extensions, CRM, e-commerce – it is all enveloped in digital marketing strategy, whether you have an official document stating it, or just independently develop each area. From SEO to newsletter campaigns – we’ve helped many business structure and integrate their strategy into the overall flow of the business cycle.

Our tactics are fairly straight forward – we help business achieve ambitious digital goals – when you do well, we do well. With the help of digital strategy experts, business analysts and economists, we figure out your needs and possibilities of growth. Successful strategy requires good understanding of market share of your product, the changes and cycles the area goes through, target audience and their behaviour, demographics data, technical details regarding your expectations and your customers’. It also incorporates an unmet need analysis – maybe there is a niche opportunity that is waiting to be employed.

We also take into account other important aspects, like the limitations your business faces, such as regulations or high competitiveness, the ease of functional implementation, the change and new technology roll-out costs and, of course, your marketing budget.

After dotting all the Is, we submit our strategy for your consideration, along with the advised action plan. This might be just a few integration projects, some advise on SEO or it could be a full re-vamp of the digital – it all depends on what your business is aiming to achieve. We provide an implementation plan upon request and can also take care of the entire process or work along with your digital department to see it through.

So what is a digital strategy good for in the end? Well, maybe you wish to retain more visitors in your website, direct them towards clicking purchase or maybe you want to increase brand recognition? The difference between having individual tactics, such as having banner ads to increase brand recognition and adding more action buttons, to motivate visitors clicks, an integrated strategy employs many channels at once and achieves several goals in an integrated way. From SEO to DYI videos and white papers, the best practices to achieve all goals will be outlined in a fully integrated digital marketing strategy.

We constantly motivate business to have an integrated strategy, as it helps with retaining business values and goals aligned, it is centrally measured, the ROI is more transparent and there is always a reference point that can be checked to see how far you’ve come and what more can be done. Check our blog posts to find some resources for preparing digital marketing strategy yourself or get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

Digital marketing strategy