Digital strategy


How UX can help your SEO results?

Often websites start with good intentions – a pleasant user experience, fitting design, engaging content and, of course, good search results. However, even more often, somewhere along the way the primary goals meet the lack of collaboration between different areas and SEO results seem lacking. Have you ever heard about UX (user experience), perhaps you are actively applying UX rules when developing your digital strategy? Maybe we could interest you with a few facts about UX helping out with SEO?


Digital marketing tips

Creating beautiful content, monitoring SEO, implementing innovative and bespoke business solutions – we’ve been busy like bees. Finally we’ve decided to take a break and figure out, what would be the best way to welcome everyone back from the holiday season. There are many things we know well, but one of them is more relevant at this time of year than many others and that is marketing budget. So we’ve decided to prepare a little digital marketing tips report for marketing teams that are racking their heads on how to get that budget approved.



6 key digital marketing insights of 2015

Working with different Lithuanian and international companies and aiming to stay ahead of competition – yours and ours – we have the opportunity to monitor changing tendencies in the market. As we’ve been wanting to say a sincere thank you to our clients for keeping us around, we decided that we would share the 6 key digital marketing insights of 2015 that we’ve learnt by monitoring various campaigns and solutions we’ve implemented and learning something new by other digital agencies.