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Creating beautiful content, monitoring SEO, implementing innovative and bespoke business solutions – we’ve been busy like bees. Finally we’ve decided to take a break and figure out, what would be the best way to welcome everyone back from the holiday season.

There are many things we know well, but one of them is more relevant at this time of year than many others and that is marketing budget. So we’ve decided to prepare a little digital marketing tips report for marketing teams that are racking their heads on how to get that budget approved.

Even if you’re not part of the ever-tired marketing team, this report will be useful in understanding why you should invest in digital marketing, what it is to begin with and how to draft it yourself, should you feel up to the task. We’ve added some statistics and data to help drive some points home and decided to share the full list of best practices and methods for digital strategy, so feel free to browse it for fun, study it in detail or even download it if you feel like taking it to the budget meeting for reference.

Digital marketing tips: What should you know about digital marketing?

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