Copywriting – what makes a copy compelling?

Relevant content is the key to successful digital strategy and any successful digital endeavor, really. Out team knows the recipe for compelling content. From website copies, to PR articles and blog posts, our search optimisation savvy copywriting team can deliver a whole range of brilliant texts.

There were times of the dark internet where keyword clouds were the way to lead visitors to your website – it was a simple method for the search engines, but not as useful for the users. But for everyone’s joy, the search engine algorithms were changed and improved time and again, aiming to provide a more user-focused quality experience delivering more accurate and personalised search results. With the update of Google”s search algorithms (Penguin and Hummingbird), the content has become the king – and not just any content. Relevant, informative, contextually logical content rules the web now.

Beautifully crafted and interactive content – it’s the norm now, but actually preparing it takes extensive amounts of time and skill. Many can write, but not all texts can sell and a good copy does exactly that – sells. Everything from impeccable grammar, which is quite important to the end user to relevant information must be top-notch.

Imagine you have five seconds, instead of five minutes to impress a person – what do you say? The end user is fickle and has so many choices, so if you can’t engage them, you may have lost the opportunity. We aim to create the perfect storm with interactive design and get the users to take a minute and listen to what you have to say, take note of what you stand for and take part.

Our enticing copies not only leave the visitor hooked and looking for more, but also motive them to take action, so that the visitor would likely become a client. In most cases, this also makes our job easier if we’re performing integrated digital marketing strategy – a good copy is vital to SEO success. So if you would like to learn more about fantastic copywriting, get in touch with us and let’s talk.