Content management system (CMS)

Content management system (CMS)

Regular content updates shouldn’t be a hassle or a programming experience requiring task. Aiming to ensure that everything from media files to blog posts to product updates is easily manageable, we build projects on content management system that is most accessible to you.

When choosing the right content management system for your needs, you will face countless questions and possibilities – Magento, WordPress, ModX, Drupa, Joomla!, PrestaShop, Sitecore and many more. Comparing these systems will require extensive study of their functionality, text editors, limitations, resource management, integration possibilities, speed, search engine optimization capabilities and simplicity, admin roles and capabilities, multi domain capabilities version control, ease of implementing updates and multilingual functionality – there are more questions to answer and so much detail to take into account.

We’ve been working with different types of CMS for 9 years and have at this point figured out all the pros and cons that should be accounted when building a web project, so you can trust it to us to advise you on the best solution suited for your needs.

From WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editors to easy catalog management solutions – in our hands your content management system will work for you, instead of you trying to work out what to do. Using dynamic sitemaps, creating new pages, building galleries, providing downloadable resources and controlling admin access with ease and full transparency, without any need of extensive knowledge of the programming code.

We get to know your needs, advise what would best suit your situation, install it and prepare it to be used as necessary. So get in touch and give us a brief description of what you need – we’ll get in touch with best advise.

Content management system (CMS)