ELAS brand book and website development

ELAS approached us looking to create a brand book and a website suitable for their very specific industry - laser design and customization. From the get go, we knew we would aim to provide a solution that would be light and flexible, yet solid enough to stand on equal foot with the competition. We've developed an easy to understand and follow brand book, considering aspects like business cards, conference stands and even cards for industrial machines. The website was developed with mobile in mind, considering the ease of navigation, the ability to quickly reach information, a structured representation of content and visual queues that give a better feel of the service ELAS provides.


  • Branding
  • Consultations
  • CSS animations
  • Design customization
  • HTML5
  • HTML5 Video
  • Logo
  • Responsive design
  • Website design
URL http://e-lasers.com/