Responsive web design

Responsive web design

Visitors prefer businesses that cater to their needs, so it’s essential that you keep your website accessible from any device, any OS, any browser. Responsive web design shouldn’t be skin deep – it’s about ensuring that everything functions perfectly, whichever device it’s accessed from and that is our goal.

Mobile devices are used to access more and more content everyday – the variety of these devices is also increasing. So it is vital to make sure that your content is adapted to different screen sizes.

Making sure that the website is mobile-friendly is necessary – it not only provides your visitors the same user-experience that they would have using a desktop device or a laptop, but also ensures that search engines index your content.

How does it work? There are plenty of aspects to make sure that a websites is optimised for mobile devices:

  • High-resolution images are compressed, aiming for a smaller load time and better allocation of server resources.
  • Pages are prepared with different dimensions in mind: information is placed in such positions, that a change in dimensions retains the hierarchy of information, where most important text goes first, images after.
  • Navigation is displayed clearly and simply, providing easy access to pages: remember, there are no hover events on mobile devices.
  • Key information is placed in intuitive places: phone numbers, emails, catalogs, products and the cart – all easy to reach and use on a smaller screen.

Optimisation process must be carried out systematically – using analytics data we identify pages that are most visited and some, that may be difficult to optimise, would extent the load time or maybe aren’t useful on a mobile device all together.

When developing a website from scratch, we always think mobile first. Everything in a website is planned and positioned thinking about different screen sizes, so we can always rest our clients and their visitors get the best user-experience. But don’t take our word for it – check our portfolio to see how the websites actually function and get in touch with us.

Responsive web design